Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My some tale or fable

I am Sufia. We are three sister and one brother. My two sister’s are married. My brother is a unmarried. I have mother and she is a housewife. I have father. But he not lives with us. He lives alone. He not take care us. My family is depend on my brother. My brother is a passed S.S.C in 1994. he can’t study for money. So he is a service holder. He is a garments employee. At present, we are three members in my family. My mother my brother and me. I passed my H.S.C from Jesshor board in 2004. I can’t study for illness. I was suffer illness in 4 years. Now the more then one well. But now I can’t study for money. So now I student of “Nari Jibon”. I am taking course English spoken and computer office program here. And I am also Blog student of “Nari Jibon Blog”. I can’t any help my brother. But why? I want to help my brother. Because, my brother is a very hard worker for my family. But then he is not unhappy. He is very happy about us. But what is happy my mother now? Because, my mother was many hard ship whole life. My mother no get to help happiness from my father. But I think my mother is a very happy now. My family is a new clear family. I proud for my mother and I proud for my brother. I am very happy. I love my mother and brother. I pray god bless my mother and brother.

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