Monday, August 25, 2008

I want my answer.

The life is being spoilt as Like River
Say, from where it comes like that
Where it was and where it will go?
Say, what is its address?
Don’t know. No. no. no… Don’t know. No. no. no…
The river is being spoilt but it doesn’t have any hope
But the meaning of the life to be spoilt --- it wants only love
Why it’s custom like this
Say, what is its adoration?
Don’t know. No. no. no… Don’t know No. no. no….
The river is being spoilt there is no end
But life is being spoilt and suddenly it get’s end
Why do the system like this?
Say, what is its wish?
Don’t know, no. no. no… don’t know No. no. no……

Thursday, August 14, 2008

World of Today

World of today .As like today,
Life stays long? Or not stay?
If this world does not stay,
All human nations will go to be change,
World of today is very nice,
It makes our mind anxious,
Mind does not want to listen any thing and the hart is same ,
I don’t wish to leave this world,
We all want more and more,
World of today may not change.

My brother

I am Sufia. We are three sisters and one brother. I have father, but he doesn’t live with us. I have mother. She is a housewife. My brother is only on earning person in our family. Our family depends on him. I did not any cares from my father. But I don’t know about affection and love of my father. My brother loves me so much. He believes me. He passed S.S.C in 1994. From that he is working hard for our family. I am very proud of my brother. Because, he is my brother, he is my father, he is my friend and he is my all. I pray all time for my brother. May he stay good and God bless him. My brother is a best brother for me. I best happy for my brother.